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Latest Perspectives and News

Why You Need an Up-to-Date Estate Plan

With the 2018 increase in federal estate tax limits, protecting one’s estate from taxes has become less important for many. Effective January 1, 2018, individuals can leave just over $11 million to heirs and pay no federal estate or gift tax. A married couple can protect double that amount, or approximately $22 million, from such taxes. But even with these advantageous federal tax breaks,... Read More

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How High-Income Earners Achieve Financial Independence

Contrary to what you might think, financial independence isn’t just the result of enjoying a high income over the course of your career. It’s earned through two patterns of behavior: Making consistently good financial choices throughout your lifetime, and Maximizing the benefits of time so that the savings you invest can grow. At C.H. Dean, some of our new clients... Read More

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How You Can Benefit From an Effective Asset Allocation

As a firm who takes pride in its disciplined approach to investing, we place a high importance on establishing an effective asset allocation that is designed to enable clients to live the life they envision. Asset allocation means establishing an investment strategy for clients that minimizes risk and volatility in their portfolio, while maximizing returns. An effective asset allocation entails... Read More

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DASCX Makes Annual Best Mutual Funds List

For immediate release: Overland Park, KS – Investor’s Business Daily (“IBD”) has named the Dean Small Cap Value Mutual Fund (DASCX) to its annual list of best mutual funds for 2017.  The list recognizes funds in the U.S. Diversified Equity Category with consistent performance throughout the past 10 years.  You can read the full press release at Dean Mutual Funds.... Read More

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