Investment Management for a Lifetime of Goals

Leveraging our heritage of value-based investing, we create personalized portfolios to help you live the life you envision.

Personalized Investment Management

How your money is managed is an important factor in achieving your goals. To that end, we create easily understood well-diversified portfolios that align with your goals and evolve throughout the course of your life.

Our approach to investing your money generates competitive risk-adjusted returns that take advantage of inefficiencies in the financial markets, while at the same time protecting your capital in down markets. We have adhered to this conservative, risk-controlled, value-oriented investment approach since we began managing money more than 45 years ago.

How we build portfolios

Understand your priorities

  • Take a holistic approach to discussing your goals
  • Determine your timelines for achieving them
  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Review any unique circumstances

Create an asset allocation

  • Determine the mix of stocks versus bonds based on our understanding of your objectives
  • Document your asset allocation in an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that we periodically review with you

Construct your portfolio

  • Embrace diversification through a well-balanced allocation that is easily understood
  • A focus on preservation of capital by seeking out quality investments using active management
  • Value tilted portfolio construction that leans towards less followed areas of the markets
  • Investments in high quality high-dividend stocks to weather more challenging markets
  • Utilize a fixed income approach that ladders high-quality investment-grade bonds

Monitor and rebalance

  • Regularly review your portfolio to ensure it aligns with your goals and longer-term market conditions
  • Rebalance when needed


  • Provide easy and secure online quarterly reporting

Boomerang, by Michael Lewis, is one of our favorite books about the financial markets that we recommend to clients.