Cory D. D. Miller

Director of Marketing

About Cory D. D. Miller

Cory is a Director of Marketing at C.H. Dean, LLC. He brings to his role 15+ years of sales, marketing, customer service, training, and account management experience, along with a proven ability to develop and cultivate strong interpersonal relationships. Cory has a thirst for learning and all things professional growth, and his role at C.H. Dean allows him both. His goal is to ensure a flawless end to end client experience.

Prior to his current role, Cory worked for C.H. Dean, LLC in business development and corporate relations. After that, he spent nearly 4 years at Synchrony, where he worked primarily within the furniture & luxury industries to strengthen partner relationships with C-Suite & associates. Not only was he able to make an impact with Synchrony partners and contacts, but he also held multiple leadership roles throughout the company with their Diversity, Engagement, & Inclusion council. Cory most recently held the role of Partner at Carew International where he was a certified sales and leadership trainer.

Cory is a proud graduate of the University of Dayton with a B.A. in Psychology with a Concentration in Philosophy & Women’s Studies. When he’s not driving results for our clients, you can find Cory on the golf course or spending time with his wife and two dogs.

C. H. Dean has a long-standing tradition of holistic Wealth Management with our clients. A tradition that I am proud to carry on with today.